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We love the HULK, but don’t just take our word for it. See what contractors who are using the HULK have to say about their experience with it. We think you’ll agree with them!


"Saves Time"

"Saves Money"

The rig will save time and money quickly.

This has been proven over and over - from the start of the project to how we are finishing.

Highly recommended!

Ryan Gloede / VP

Campbellsport, WI

VP Flat Roofing Operations, Wenger Roofing, Siding, Sheet Metal & Service

It's the best heated spray rig on the market.

Plus, you get training and troubleshooting help from the guy that actually built it...

It's a solid product with a good team behind it, that I would definitely buy again.

Keegan Tune / Roofing Branch Manager

Kansas City, KS

Western Specialty Contractors

"Exceeded our expectations... great customer service and training."

It is Spring 2020 and another roofing season is here with low rise foam adhesive to schedule. 

Mike, 4C’s has again exceeded expectations when it comes to their fast and reliable service. Orders placed by our office have been delivered to our shop within hours of receipt of the purchase order. The 4C’s staff is extremely knowledgeable of the equipment, training, and materials they handle, as well as other products in the roofing industry. With New York’s everchanging weather and seasons, 4C’s is able to adapt very well and stock their warehouses accordingly. Material heating items in the winter, to parts, repairs, and production equipment during the busy seasons. 

The main reason we keep coming back is due to 4C’s customer service and knowledge. Whether it is 6AM or 6 PM, you are available and have always gone out of your way to service us. We know firsthand 4C’s understands that simple mundane items can prevent a crew of roofers from performing a day’s work, which in this industry is a recipe for failure. While at times 4C’s provides simple items and advice, they also provide advanced roofing-specific items which we use on every low-rise foam application. 

4C’s is our first call every time. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Apple Roofing Corp

I was tasked with finding a machine that could handle the wear and tear of a roofing crew, easy to maintain easy to use once in the field and that would allow for larger size low-rise foam sets.

After reviewing 3 different machines, we ended up with the HULK.

The HULK was priced competitively and with features like heated hose line and tank warmers we knew we had the correct machine for dispensing the product at the perfect temperature.

Mike with 4C’s has provided excellent service from answering our questions before we purchased the machine, to meeting our guys in the field for a on-site first-day demo.

We originally purchased one machine and since then we have purchased another.

Carson Finney / Director of Sales and Service

Norcross, GA

Ideal Building Solutions

"No more clogged guns, hoses, or pumps..."

It’s been a pleasure doing business with Mike and 4C’s for the past 15 years. Mike is extremely knowledgeable and has been our “go to expert” for adhesive spray equipment rental, parts and service.


When Mike approached us with his new HULK (“Heated Urethane Low Rise Adhesive Kart”) information sheet and a short demo, I knew it was time for us to stop renting and purchase a rig.

Mike put together a whole package for us, and delivered the rig to the job site. After a few days of “on site” training, our associates were spraying adhesive without issues. We no longer have clogged guns, hoses or pumps. Cleaning the system is simple and takes about 5-10 minutes for shut down and daily storage. We’ve had the HULK in service, pretty much continually, for a year now, without issue. The heated hose, let us work through the cold season, when others were shut down. 


We are looking at purchasing a second spray rig, to replace our other spray carts and it will be a HULK from 4C’s.


Lenny Peters / President

Reliance Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.

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