Heated Urethane Low-rise adhesive Kart

The HULK will make your life and your crews’ lives easier! Improve efficiency, productivity and enjoy a longer reach with the 110′ heated hose. 

With every HULK purchased, you receive a free day of training!


The HULK features an impressive 110′ heated hose, that keeps your crews working and reduces the amount of time they have to spend moving hoses, barrels and pumps on the rooftop. 

The rig is only 34-inches wide, making it easy to wheel through standard door openings, It has a dead leg to prevent it from rolling during use and features an easy tilt for when it is time to move it. The aluminum, weather resistant frame and cart hold two 15-gallon drums.

  • Suction tube converts rapidly to 15- or 55-gallon drums with no attachments
  • 110 feet of heated hose
  • Recirculation block

The HULK Spray Rig is manufactured by 4C’s Spray Equipment in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We provide service and support with every HULK rig that we sell. We can either come to you or you can send it to us. 



Just the HULK spray rig.


HULK Package with 110′ Heated Hose, HULK Dispensing Gun with T Handle, Recirculation Block, Case of Tips, Lifting Strap and two ball valves.


HULK with 110′ Heated Hose, HULK Dispensing Gun with T-Handle Cleanout Drill Bit


HULK with 110′ Hose, HULK Dispensing Gun with T-Handle Cleanout Drill Bit


So you can use the HULK with your current equipment.

4Cs Spray Gun-16

HULK Dispensing Gun

Designed for use with the HULK spray rig (but also works with other manufacturers), the HULK Gun features the ability to switch from spatter/splatter to bead application instantly. 


HULK Accessory Kit

All the accessories you need for your HULK in one kit. Lube grease, lifting straps, the HULK gun, extra nozzles and more. 


4C's Power Blankets

Designed to keep your tanks and products at the right temperatures for application in cooler weathers. Available to fit multiple tank sizes.