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HULK Dispensing Gun


Tips and Training

What makes The HULK Unique?

The HULK’s 110 feet of heated hose is one of the most popular features because it means less time spent moving the rig. 

Lube daily

  • Lube B Pump Daily (Manual)
  • Lube A Pump (Auto Luber)

2 Handle Design

The HULK spray gun has two handles, one for fluid and one for air. This allows for spray, bead and spatter/splatter application.

Use Heated Blankets

Heating blankets are available in different sizes at 4Cs.  Our blankets are regulated not to go above the adhesive manufacturer’s suggested temperatures and allow you to keep them plugged in.

Call for Help

We are here to answer your questions any time of day. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to call us!

When you purchase your HULK, we will provide a day of training at no additional cost.  We also have helpful videos on our website that instruct you how to assemble the HULK Spray Gun, rebuild a pump and flush the system for winter storage. 


How does it compare to the competition?

Watch and see!

It's the best heated spray rig on the market.

Plus, you get training and troubleshooting help from the guy that actually built it... Mike is really good to work with.

It's a solid product with a good team behind it, that I would definitely buy again.

Keegan Tune / Roofing Branch Manager

Kansas City, KS

Western Specialty Contractors

4C’s has again exceeded expectations when it comes to their fast and reliable service... The 4C’s staff is extremely knowledgeable of the equipment, training, and materials they handle, as well as other products in the roofing industry.

The main reason we keep coming back is due to 4C’s customer service and knowledge.

Apple Roofing Company

New York

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