Inside Trailer

Self Contained Unit

Self-contained trailered spray rigs come equipped with air compressor, generator and pumps. The trailer rigs have either 600 ft of hose or 300 feet of hose. Our experts will deliver and operate unit on site.

The installer is responsible for the purchase and delivery of adhesive. The customer is also responsible for maintaining the temperature of the drums of material (65-85 degrees fahrenheit).

  • Spray unit
  • Manned by our experts
  • 300-600 ft of hose
  • Completely self contained unit
Rent It

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Our all inclusive renting service includes setup, operation, instruction, maintenance and break down of spray equipment.

Our experts will be on-site at all times to man the equipment and ensure the best end product.

Shipping Information

Our experts will deliver the self-contained units directly to your job site. Please contact our team for information regarding delivery times and availability.