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HULK spray gun

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Ref. Part Description QTY.
60 4C-060 Nozzle Body
61 4C-061 1/4 x 28" inch plug
62 4C-062 Ball Valve
63 4C-063 Allen Head Bolt
64 4C-064 Hex Nipple
65 4C-065 Elbow
66 4C-066 Handle
67 4C-067 Fluid Valve Handle
69 4C-069 Air Crossover Hose
71 4C-071 Air Ball Valve
72 4C-072 Air Fitting 90-degree
73 4C-073 Street "T"
74 4C-074 #5JIC M x 1/4 MOP
75 4C-075 #5JIC MOP x F Swivel
76 4C-076 #6JIC M x 1/4 MOP
77 4C-077 #6JIC MOP x F Swivel
78 4C-078 Block Seal
79 4C-079 HULK Block Adapter
80 4C-080 HULK Hose Manifold
81 4C-081 T Handle Cleanout Bit
82 4C-082 Air Valve Handle
83 4C-083 Street "L"
84 4C-084 Manifold Shut-off Valve
85 4C-085 Manifold Capture Block
86 4C-086 Manifold Block
87 4C-087 Stop Plate

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